Manual upload of invoice data to AR app right right right
Multiple client data upload to AR app right right right
Online processing of collections right right right
Real time tracking, reconciliation of paid/open items right right right
Client Statements, AR ledger, Aging analysis right right right
Cloud based platform for anytime, anywhere login right right right
Multiple GSTIN / PAN Support wrong right right
Online notification of invoice data to client wrong right right
Assign invoices for collection to AR teams/agencies wrong right right
Target setting/assigning to AR teams or agencies wrong right right
Target vs collection status on real time basis wrong right right
Dunning letters (three types) wrong right right
Client Portal for their review/process invoices wrong right right
Approval workflow and audit records wrong right right
Delinquency reports, Dashboards & Audit schedules wrong right right
Standardized MIS and Query builder for reports wrong right right
Accounting entries and reconciliation process wrong right right
Administrative control wrong right right
CFO/CXO dashboards and reports wrong right right
Multiple user login with risk controls wrong right right
SFTP upload of invoices from billing system wrong wrong right
Communication & notification thread within app wrong wrong right
BRS and TDS Certificate recon modules wrong wrong right
Customizable Workflow wrong wrong right
Dispute Management module wrong wrong right
Monthly Pricing ( * Exclusive of Taxes) Free INR 2/- Per Invoice (*) As Per Contract
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